Validation Project Management
Given the cost to build new facilities and the added cost to validate them, well-managed validation projects are a critical investment. Problems and delays are often the result of incomplete planning and inadequate execution. However, we can assist in properly planning and managing projects to ensure success. When our team is involved in your project up-front; rework, operational inefficiencies, and compliance concerns can be reduced by maintaining a commitment to quality that starts during the design phase and leverages a detailed commissioning plan.

What is our planning process?
Planning the project requires a clear understanding of the project scope, budget, and timeline. We can help you define the exact deliverables and develop a detailed project schedule.

Quality Solutions, LLC dedicates Project Managers with an overall responsibility for the operation and outcome of each project. Our Project Managers effectively communicate and coordinate with the client, various vendors, and other key members of the project team.

Through scheduled meetings and progress reports, project information is consolidated and reported accurately to all team members. This communication approach ensures that all scope activities are being addressed and pinpoints potential problem areas along with plans for corrective action.

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