Environmental Testing and Sampling
USP<797> requires an ongoing environmental sampling program that provides a documented state of control over environmental conditions in the pharmacy. This CANNOT be achieved by testing semi-annually. It requires monthly testing of the pharmacy environment to: Maintain control, identify deviations as close to real time as possible, and contribute to trended data that is used as a tool to monitor pharmacy performance. Quality Solutions can develop and execute your environmental sampling plan in a cost-effective manner. The streamlined reports and data analysis serve as tools for managing the sampling plan as required by 797.

Primary Cleanroom Tests
  • Differential Pressure Testing
  • Non-Viable Airborne Particle Count Testing
  • Viable Surface Sampling
  • Viable Airborne Particle Sampling
  • Temperature / Relative Humidity Testing (optional)
  • Chemo wipe analysis (additional fee) For chemo rooms only.

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